Costa Rica Facts

Geographical Location: Costa Rica is located in Central America bordering Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south, right between the 8th and 11th degrees north of the equator. Costa Rica is a small country about 51,100 square kilometers divided into 7 provinces: San Jose, Cartago, Alajuela, and Heredia comprise what’s been denominated as the GAM (great metropolitan area for its initials in Spanish) on where most of the population lives, and there is also Limon on the Atlantic Side and Puntarenas in the central and south pacific and Guanacaste (which is the most popular tourist destination) in the northern Pacific.

The country runs across by an extension of the Sierra Madre-Andes mountainous chain which makes Costa Rica a part of what’s known as the “Pacific Rim of Fire” and gives the country a lot of dormant and active volcanoes all throughout the territory, like the Arenal Volcano, the Poas Volcano, the Irazú Volcano, and the Mount Chirripo, which is the tallest land point in the country at 3,797 meters high.

Costa Rica is blessed with a mild Tropical Weather and has basically two marked weather stations, the dry (or high season as it’s known in the tourism business) which is basically from December through May-June, and the rainy (or green season) from July to November, with the rainiest month almost always being October.