Canopy in Costa Rica

There are many operators in the Canopy in Costa Rica business. All of them should be legally certified by the I.C.T. (Costa Rica Tourism Bureau) and fully insured by the I.N.S. (National Insurance Agency).

Top-quality equipment is standard and safety double harness. Canopy Tours offers everyone an exhilarating opportunity to soar through the rain forest high above the forest floor, with a Costa Rica patented original technology that is now being exported everywhere in the world, the company that owns this patent and first invented the activity goes by the name of the Original Canopy Tour.

Canopy tours in Costa Rica are certainly the best way to admire nature and enjoy the adrenaline rush of gliding high in the air from platform to platform over treetops. Most of the canopy tours in Costa Rica are done in outfits set up inside the jungle, so it is always a great opportunity to view a lot of wildlife.

The different companies are located all around the country so there is a good chance that anywhere you are heading there is a tour operator or a service provider that can set you up with a Canopy Tour.

From the beach to the jungle deep inland there is a Canopy tour in Costa Rica that is right for you and your family. Kids love the thrill and there are smaller and lower Canopy tours available for beginners and small children.