Costa Rica wedding destination

A Costa Rica wedding destination – the ultimate!

Dreaming of a Costa Rica wedding destination?

Have you heard the expression that “marriages are made in heaven”? That may be, but let’s face it, weddings are made on earth. Most of us aspire to have our wedding to be one of the most memorable events in our lives.

What could be more memorable than to plan your wedding at one of the most exotic and tropical locations in the world? I’m talking about a Costa Rica wedding destination.

You’ll soak in the scenic ambiance, experience friendly hosts to make all of your wishes come true, and of course, there are plenty of unique, fun things to do for you and your entourage of invitees.

This is what a Costa Rica wedding destination offers you — heaven on earth! It is ideal for your fairytale wedding, just the way you both have been dreaming all along. There are wedding planners and other professionals ready to help you with the suggestions, review them based on your specific instructions, and execute them for you to your utmost satisfaction.

And your honeymoon can begin right away, the morning after.

Travel to Costa Rica for your destination wedding!

Those who have been to Costa Rica think “paradise” when they hear the name, because the country cannot be described in any other way. Located in Central America, nestled between Nicaragua and Panama, you’ll find the most exotic landscapes with rolling mountains, thick green forests, and serene azure beaches.

You’ll find rare creatures, from howler monkeys to toucans, in the many national parks and wildlife refuges. There are water sports such as surfing, swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Hike through the rain forests and experience a thrilling zip line canopy tour. Charter a boat for some of the best sport fishing in the world.

This isn’t Walt Disney World we’re talking about here, but a once-in-a-lifetime experience for your special, unforgettable wedding event. Costa Rica is where history, culture, wildlife, exotic cuisines, and famous Latin courtesy come together as a premier destination wedding location.

Top reasons to get married in Costa Rica

Why would you choose a destination wedding in sunny, tropical Costa Rica?

  • It’s unique! Have you always dreamed of a tropical, beach-front wedding? You want something unique and magical for your special day, not your run-of-the-mill ceremony and reception.
  • It’s adventurous! With a Costa Rica wedding destination, not only can you have that ocean-side wedding you’ve always dreamed of, you can let loose and get your thrill on! Costa Rica is well-known for its tropical ecotourism but also offers a multitude of options for adventure seekers. You won’t find that combination anywhere else in the world. From white water rafting, to zip line canopy tours, to surfing, sport-fishing, scuba diving, and snorkeling, there is more than enough to keep you and your guests occupied and having the time of their lives.
  • You can keep it intimate. Destination weddings can easily be smaller, more private affairs. Don’t want the stress of a huge guest list? Weed out some of the outliers by traveling to Costa Rica. Your close family and friends will happily share your event in warm, tropical Costa Rica. The close proximity and smaller guest list will allow the both of you to spend more time with those who matter most.
  • It’s more inclusive! If most of your guests will be traveling anyway, you can skip the messiness of choosing which hometown and choose a tropical locale such as Costa Rica that will please everyone. There’s no hurt feelings and everyone is on neutral territory.
  • It’s economical! Believe it or not, a Costa Rica wedding destination offers a cheaper alternative to a pricey, full-on affair back home. In fact, it is likely to be FAR cheaper than the typical ceremony and 150-person reception. It’s not unheard of to save tens of thousands of dollars over that kind of affair. That, in large part, is due to the reduced number of guests who are willing to travel to a tropical location.
  • Less stress! Wedding planning can be stressful. Accommodating both families can be a huge burden on both the bride and groom. Leave the particulars and planning to the experts in Costa Rica. You’ll be able to focus on your betrothed and your guests and enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience to its fullest.

Some sample Costa Rica wedding destination packages

If you’re looking to throw caution to the wind and elope, check out something like the “Just the 2 of You” package at

Basically, you can show up in Costa Rica and have a full-fledged wedding without pre-planning all of the details. They’ll take care of all of the necessary documentation and planning once you arrive, suggest locations, and include all of the accouterments that go along with the ceremony. (Including providing witnesses, if needed.)

You can treat your guests to something truly special at Flamingo Beach Resort and Spa in Guanacaste. For around $2,000 you’ll get a 10-person ceremony on the beach or in the garden. Your flowers, wedding cake, legal fees, and wedding certificate are included.

You’ll also be pampered with breakfast-in-bed the morning after your wedding along with a generous $200 spa credit. You can even upgrade to a Costa Rican guitar trio for your ceremony music! And the bride can avail herself of the on-site beauty salon at Flamingo on the big day.

For married couples, renew your vows in Costa Rica! Most every location that offers wedding services also offers a “vows renewal” package.

What’s needed to get married in Costa Rica

To get married in Costa Rica, you’ll need valid passports (for the witnesses as well), along with birth certificates. If either the bridge or groom has been previously married, a copy of the final divorce judgement will also be necessary.

A Costa Rica wedding is recognized internationally, including the USA and Canada. The documentation you receive in Costa Rica will be sufficient to file for your marriage certificate in your local county.