Dominical, at the mouth of the Rio Baru and still called “Playa Baru” on the official map,  is definitely a surfer’s spot.  Cheap accommodations, fine surf, more nightlife than you’d expect in so small a settlement.

There is a small hotel, the Roca Verde, on the road just past the road into Dominical.  It has a fine service, its own semi-private cove, and a large rancho where there is a disco dancing every Saturday night.

We have found most of the other “amenities” at Dominical more or less honky-tonk, over-priced even at the relatively cheap tariffs, and not attractive to the better class of vacationers. 

But for the avid surfer, Dominical has considerable merit.  The surf is generally better than at Jacó,  despite the clipping the cost/benefit ratio is better than at Jacó, and the town, such as it is, is less overrun by souvenir-hunting tourists.