Private Shuttle to Playa Avellanas

Transportation to Playa Avellanas

Playa Avellanas is a gem among beaches on Costa Rica’s north Pacific coast. Thanks to a forest of mangroves and wetland that line the beach, Avellanas has been spared from beachfront development and thereby retains its all-natural feel.

Clean white sand runs for about a kilometer (1/2 mile) from the estuary to a rocky outcropping at the far end, and if you walk the distance, you’re likely to pass by a few friendly locals who are lucky enough to call Avellanas home, but few others. Its undisturbed beauty is just one of the reasons why so many people call Avellanas the most beautiful beach in Costa Rica. In addition, there’s no village per se here, just a few homes and quaint hotels, and one little store where you can buy food and clothing.


The one “development” you’ll find along the sand is Lola’s restaurant – a must-visit if you’re near Avellanas, with delicious dishes sourced from fresh, local ingredients. And any uneaten leftovers become the property of Lolita – a 500-plus pound pig who lives behind the restaurant and can be seen wandering out through the almond trees to the beach, where she plays in the water and digs holes in the sand!

Avellanas is also a great surf beach with plenty of spots to choose from, from Lola’s Left to La Purruja, Palo Seco, the estuary, and Little Hawaii, which gets massive when big swells roll in.