Private Shuttle to Playa Langosta

Transportation to Playa Langosta Tamarindo Guanacaste

At Tamarindo’s doorstep is a beautiful slice of paradise called Playa Langosta. Expansive private estates and luxury villas tucked among tall native trees mark this prestigious area in northwest Costa Rica.

Playa Langosta
Playa Langosta, Tmarindo

Langosta has a normally chest- to head-high wave that is loved by many locals, while visitors will find the beach relatively calm and unpopulated compared to nearby Tamarindo. Black rocks extend from the butter-colored sand into the bright blue waters, and the beach is named for the many lobsters that can be found among the reef just offshore. It’s also a popular nesting place for the endangered leatherback sea turtle, as part of Las Baulas National Marine Park, with important conservation programs active to keep the beach in perfect condition to bring turtle populations back to health.

Langosta Beach close to Tamarindo

The estuary to the south of the beach is home to a beautiful flock of white seabirds and is a beautiful place for an easy stroll at sunrise or sunset, to catch glimpses of monkeys, birds, hermit crabs and other wildlife.

Langosta beach is a great retreat away from the bustle of Tamarindo and has some of the areas nicest hotels and vacation rentals. It is sparsely populated, but you’ll still find a grocery store, surf shop, bar and other services in town.