Private Shuttle to Potrero Beach

Transportation to Potrero Beach in Costa Rica

Potrero Beach in Costa Rica consists of a bay with gray sand beach and clear blue water of 4 kilometers long, with mild to moderate waves, an ideal place for swimming, fishing, diving sports, and other water activities, and also it is perfect for capturing the sun. Potrero presents lush vegetation of mangroves and a beautiful estuary that has an extension of 4 kilometers. It is very close to the beautiful Flamingo beach, which in turn provides high-quality services of all kinds. Potrero Beach in Costa Rica has hotels, cabins, lodges, and camping areas. It is easy to get to this point for virtually all year and is located near the main town in the area. Although its tourism development has been increasing in recent years, is still a beach with a relaxed atmosphere.

Potrero Beach in Costa Rica has located 280 km from the city of San Jose, 60 km from Liberia International Airport, and about 24 km from the local airport located in the town of Tamarindo. To get to Potrero Beach the tourists should take the following routes: Liberia-Guardia-Philadelphia-Huacas-Playa Brasilito and from there directly to the place. The asphalt road ceases to be in good condition about 4 miles from Playa Brasilito.

Potrero Beach in Costa Rica is part of the extraordinary series of beautiful beaches called Costa Dorada in the North Pacific of Costa Rica, which have different characteristics, including the colors of the sand, sea, vegetation, and the type of attractions that they offer. All of this gives visitors a variety of options for entertainment and fun for tourism. Potrero is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches in the area.

Potrero has wonderfully warm and sunny weather during most of the year, being one of its main attractions. The sun shines for almost the entire day during the dry season which runs from December to April. It can reach temperatures of up to 36 degrees centigrade on the hottest days. The heat and rainfall of about 1800 mm per year give the area varied and lush vegetation that contributes to its exotic atmosphere.

Due to its location could be said that Potrero Beach is one of the places that has managed to retain much of its natural environment, allowing tourists to enjoy a part of the varied natural beauty of the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. A very short distance from Potrero Beach in Costa Rica is Playa La Penca, a beach well known among locals for its white sand and calm seas.

The visitor from Potrero Beach will find a mix of beautiful beach and abundant nature trails that allows the tourists to can enjoy the sun, sand, palm trees, and tropical forest of great beauty, something unique for those looking to get the full experience of nature of Costa Rica in its ultimate expression.

Potrero Beach in Costa Rica is characterized by its wide beaches, located in the heart of a stunning bay, which offers the possibility to enjoy quiet and safe access to the sea. It is an ideal place for families, students, couples, seniors, and anyone in search of a place of relaxation, health, entertainment, and a spectacular sunbath.