Fun Things To Do in Jaco, Costa Rica

Fun Things To Do in Jaco, Costa Rica

 Jaco, Costa Rica’s is located on the Central Pacific Coast, Jaco is a small town whose popularity has shot up in recent years. The streets are always bustling and there is a devil-may-care atmosphere that is ever-present.

Jaco beach is favored by party-goers, surfers, snowbirds, ex-pats, backpackers, and those who are weary of the ‘city life’ in San Jose. Jaco has an almost ramshackle charm, which almost everybody appreciates. If you want an excellent surfing experience then this is the place to be. There are so many fun things to do here, that one would never have to spend a minute in boredom when at this lovely beach town.

Jaco beach Costa Rica
Jaco beach Costa Rica

 Horseback riding is one of the top things to try out in Jaco. You can usually find some horses at the beach to ride, another recommendation is to go to Playa Hermosa for a great horseback riding experience. Here, you will be taken through the meandering hills and broad trails by a guide in order to view stunning landscapes of the mountains, the surrounding greenery, and of course the Pacific Ocean below.

There is also a waterfall in Playa Hermosa that can be visited along the way. Horseback riding is an exciting activity to try out during the day. You can opt for an all-day tour or one that lasts for a couple of hours.

 If riding on horseback isn’t exactly your kind of fun, then you can try out kayaking and snorkeling.

A kayaking and snorkeling tour is not hard to come across in Jaco. This tour is an excellent way of enjoying the scenic Pacific Ocean, the scenery around, and of course the colorful tropical fishes in the warm waters of the Pacific. A common launch site for this tour would be at Playa Agujas.

The tour calls for the use of kayaks and snorkeling equipment which would be provided to you by the tour guide. However, don’t forget to bring your camera, sunscreen, and swimsuit along with you!

Kayaking Tour

 Another one of the many outdoor activities in Jaco beach, to try out, would be the ATV adventure rentals. You can ride an ATV through the rustic trails of the mountains and enjoy viewing the teak plantations in the exotic tropical rain forest which is not very far from Jaco. After cruising around in your ATV, you can have the perfect end to your adventure by going for a refreshing swim either at the waterfall in the rain forest or in a natural pool.

 Alternatively, one can enjoy the beauty of the rain forest from the top through zip lines, instead of being in the forest in a rented ATV. Canopy tours here generally offer zip lining and tram riding experiences.

Ziplines and aerial trams provide excellent panoramic views of the rain forest and the Pacific Ocean. As one glides along the cable, one can spot unique animals, exotic birds, a cascading waterfall, and giant trees in the rainforest.

Out of the two, aerial trams are less intimidating. In the case of zip lines, one has to travel over a mile along the treetops on average. You can finish it off by going for a guided nature walk in the rain forest. Thus, if you want to view Jaco from a whole new angle then canopy tours are the way to go!

Jaco Beach Canopy Tour
Jaco Beach Canopy Tour

 Jaco Costa Rica has something to offer to everybody. If you are one of those people who enjoy a relaxing activity like fishing instead of a fast-paced and adrenaline-pumping Los Suenos adventure tour then be sure to try out fishing-charters sport fishing here. The Pacific Ocean of Costa Rica is a great place for sport fishing. While visiting Jaco beach, one can try out fishing by jetting off in a boat. Some of the typical dishes found in the Jaco area would be the Black Tuna, the Mahi-Mahi, Corvina, Grouper,, Blue Marlin, and the Spanish Mackerel. One can also find large Roosterfishe here in the surrounding waters of the pacific ocean. These weigh over fifty pounds on average!

If you are exhausted from trying out all the attractions in Jaco Costa Rica then you should spend a day relaxing at the beach. It is not hard to miss the beach when you are in Jaco. This is a decent place to go for a swim. The beach gets packed with visitors and tourists during the weekends, therefore if you are looking for solitude and peace in a less-crowded beach then pay a visit during the weekdays. Although the waves of the beach can be huge at times, the beach itself is considered to be quite safe.

 The Jaco beach is about two miles in length. There is no cost involved in visiting the beach unless you stop for some food and drinks at the beach! If you want to have a romantic experience at the beach then you can go for a walk. This is best done when the tide is low and the beach is wide, which is generally in the early mornings or late afternoons/evenings. You can also lounge around, watch the surfers and sunbathe here after slathering on generous amounts of sunscreen on yourself!

For night owls and party animals, Jaco is the place to be because the nightlife here is simply amazing. Jaco`s nightlife is famous around the world. In fact, the nightlife is one of the primary reasons behind the popularity of this town! Jaco earns a name as the ‘top party destination’ in Costa Rica because of its vibrancy at night. The nightlife starts later at night, around 9 to11pm and it continues till dawn. The bars here are very loud, high energy, and they are usually crowded with travelers or tourists and the locals. One can find all sorts of party destinations here from high energy dance bars like the Orchid Room or the Monkey Boar to upscale lounges like Le Loft. If you plan to dance the night away then you are sure to love the Jaco Beach Costa Rica nightlife.

All in all, Jaco beach is a fun place to be, whether by day or by night. Therefore if you are looking for a good getaway then Playa Jaco should be at the top of your list!