Private Shuttle to Playa Herradura

Transportation to Herraduda Bay Jaco

Herradura has a beach, but it is littered with skiffs and fishing boats, for the bay is an important fishing locale, and with the mess of construction incident to the development of a marina.  Since it is a sheltered bay, there is very little surf.

Herradura is also the site of the Los Sueños Resort, where  Marriott has recently opened a major hotel, and where there are two condominium developments, one of which is said to be sold out.  The resort includes a golf course, lighted tennis courts, and a “beach club.”   Some of these facilities may be limited to hotel guests and condominium-owners at the resort, but the golf course is open to the public.

Private Shuttle to Playa Herradura
Private Shuttle to Playa Herradura

The entrance to Los Sueños is also the access road to another condominium development, called oxymoronically “Faro Escondido” (“Hidden Lighthouse”).

     Herradura’s  marina is becoming major port of call for yachties.

Fishing Charter Herradura
Fishing Charter at Herradura Bay Picture bay

For the homesick traveler pining for the atmosphere of Miami Beach, or for the unreconstructed golfer, Herradura may be worth a visit, or even a sojourn in the hotel.  We think the condominiums are overpriced, and that the monthly dues can be explained, if at all,  only by reference to the golf course maintenance costs.