Carara Biological Reserve (Full day)

One day tours San Jose, Carara Biological Reserve

Located in a transitional zone from the dry northern Pacific to the humid southern Pacific coast, Carara is home to an amazing diversity of plants and animals. This hot, humid region of marshes, mangrove swamps and rivers, shelters many different reptiles (Carara is an Indian word for “Place of the Crocodiles”), mammals, and birds. You may even get to see the endangered beautiful Scarlet Macaw, which uses Carara as its nesting sanctuary.

Duration: 10 hs Departs 6:30 AM
Rate: Call
Include: Box breakfast, lunch, entrance to attractions
Location: Tarcoles Puntarenas.
Attractions: Carara Biological Reserve, butterfly farm, pool, mini-golf
Recommendations: Camera, Swimsuit, towel, sun tan lotion, Sandals, comfortable shoes for a gentle hike, light sweater, insect repellent.