Santa Teresa Transportation

Private transfer and Shuttles

If you prefer to travel in a more personalized way we offer you private services through which you can have a service adapted to your needs of time, space, among others.
If you wish to travel to another destination we can gladly quote you. Please send us an email with your destination and time of departure
FromTo Destionation
Coco Beach & OcotalSan Jose
Coco Beach & OcotalLa Fortuna
Coco Beach & OcotalMonteverde / Santa Elena
Coco Beach & OcotalSanta Teresa / Mal Pais
Coco Beach & OcotalMontezuma
Coco Beach & OcotalTango Mar / Tambor
Conchal BeachSanta Teresa / Mal Pais
Conchal BeachTambor/Montezuma
Conchal BeachMonteverde
Conchal BeachSan José
Conchal BeachFortuna
Flamingo / BrasilitoTambor
Flamingo / BrasilitoMontezuma
Flamingo / BrasilitoSanta Teresa/Mal Pais
Flamingo BeachSan José
Fortuna / ArenalCoco Beach & Ocotal
Fortuna / ArenalJaco/ Playa Hermosa
Fortuna / ArenalJaco/ Playa Hermosa
Fortuna / ArenalManuel Antonio
Fortuna / ArenalManuel Antonio
Fortuna / ArenalMonteverde / Santa Elena
Fortuna / ArenalMontezuma
Fortuna / ArenalTango Mar / Tambor
Fortuna / ArenalPapagayo Gulf
Fortuna / ArenalPotrero Beach
Fortuna / ArenalPuerto Viejo / Limon & Cahuita
Fortuna / ArenalRincon de la Vieja
Fortuna / ArenalSamara / Playa Carrillo
Fortuna / ArenalSan Jose
Fortuna / ArenalSan Jose
Fortuna / ArenalSanta Teresa / Mal Pais
Fortuna / ArenalSarapiqui
Fortuna / ArenalTamarindo, Conchal & Flamingo
Hotel Hilton Garden,LiberiaSan Jose
Hotel Hilton Garden,LiberiaMonteverde / Santa Elena
Hotel Hilton Garden,LiberiaSanta Teresa / Mal Pais
Hotel Hilton Garden,LiberiaMontezuma
Hotel Hilton Garden,LiberiaTango Mar / Tambor
Monteverde / Santa ElenaCoco Beach & Ocotal
Monteverde / Santa ElenaJaco/ Playa Hermosa
Monteverde / Santa ElenaManuel Antonio
Monteverde / Santa ElenaArenal/Fortuna
Monteverde / Santa ElenaMontezuma
Monteverde / Santa ElenaTango Mar / Tambor
Monteverde / Santa ElenaPapagayo Gulf
Monteverde / Santa ElenaPotrero Beach
Monteverde / Santa ElenaSan Jose
Monteverde / Santa ElenaSan Jose
Monteverde / Santa ElenaSanta Teresa / Mal Pais
Monteverde / Santa ElenaTamarindo, Conchal & Flamingo
MontezumaSan Jose
MontezumaAlajuela / Airport
MontezumaMonteverde / Santa Elena
MontezumaJaco/ Playa Hermosa
MontezumaManuel Antonio/ Quepos
MontezumaPuerto Viejo/ Limon & Cahuita
MontezumaTamarindo / Playa Langosta
MontezumaSamara / Playa Carrillo
MontezumaFlamingo, Brasilito & Playa Conchal
MontezumaCoco Beach & Ocotal
MontezumaRincon de la Vieja
MontezumaPotrero Beach
Papagayo GulfSan Jose
Papagayo GulfArenal/Fortuna
Papagayo GulfMonteverde / Santa Elena
Papagayo GulfSanta Teresa / Mal Pais
Papagayo GulfMontezuma
Papagayo GulfTango Mar / Tambor
Potrero BeachSanta Teresa / Mal Pais
Potrero BeachTambor / Montezuma
Potrero BeachMonteverde
Potrero BeachSan José
Potrero BeachFortuna
Puerto Viejo de Limon & CahuitaArenal/Fortuna
Puerto Viejo de Limon & CahuitaSan Jose
Puerto Viejo de Limon & CahuitaSan Jose
Puerto Viejo de Limon & CahuitaSarapiqui
Puerto Viejo de Limon & CahuitaSiquirres
Puerto Viejo de Limon & CahuitaSiquires
Puerto Viejo de Limon & CahuitaSanta Teresa / Mal Pais
Puerto Viejo de Limon & CahuitaMontezuma
Puerto Viejo de Limon & CahuitaTango Mar / Tambor
Puerto Viejo de Limon & CahuitaPuntarenas
Quepos & Manuel AntonioSan Jose
Quepos & Manuel AntonioSan Jose
Quepos & Manuel AntonioArenal/Fortuna
Quepos & Manuel AntonioArenal/Fortuna
Quepos & Manuel AntonioMonteverde / Santa Elena
Quepos & Manuel AntonioJaco/ Playa Hermosa
Quepos & Manuel AntonioJaco/ Playa Hermosa
Samara & CarrilloMonteverde / Santa Elena
Samara & Playa CarrilloSan Jose
Samara & Playa CarrilloArenal/Fortuna
Samara & Playa CarrilloSanta Teresa / Mal Pais
Samara & Playa CarrilloMontezuma
Samara & Playa CarrilloTango Mar / Tambor
San JoseSanta Teresa / Mal Pais
San JoseMontezuma
San JoseTango Mar / Tambor
San JoseCoco Beach & Ocotal
San JoseJaco/ Playa Hermosa
San JoseJaco/ Playa Hermosa
San JoseManuel Antonio / Quepos
San JoseManuel Antonio / Quepos
San JoseArenal/Fortuna
San JoseArenal/Fortuna
San JoseMonteverde / Santa Elena
San JoseMonteverde / Santa Elena
San JosePapagayo Gulf
San JosePotrero Beach
San JosePuerto Viejo / Limon & Cahuita
San JosePuerto Viejo / Limon & Cahuita
San JosePuntarenas
San JosePuntarenas
San JoseSamara & Carrillo
San JoseTamarindo, Conchal & Flamingo
San JoseTamarindo, Conchal & Flamingo
Santa Teresa / Mal PaisAlajuela / Airport
Santa Teresa / Mal PaisMonteverde / Santa Elena
Santa Teresa / Mal PaisArenal/Fortuna
Santa Teresa / Mal PaisJaco/ Playa Hermosa
Santa Teresa / Mal PaisManuel Antonio/ Quepos
Santa Teresa / Mal PaisPuerto Viejo/ Limon & Cahuita
Santa Teresa / Mal PaisLiberia
Santa Teresa / Mal PaisLiberia Airport Daniel Oduber
Santa Teresa / Mal PaisTamarindo / Playa Langosta
Santa Teresa / Mal PaisSamara / Playa Carrillo
Santa Teresa / Mal PaisFlamingo, Brasilito & Playa Conchal
Santa Teresa / Mal PaisCoco Beach & Ocotal
Santa Teresa / Mal PaisRincon de la Vieja
Santa Teresa / Mal PaisPotrero Beach
Tamarindo / Playa LangostaSan Jose
Tamarindo / Playa LangostaSan Jose
Tamarindo / Playa LangostaArenal/Fortuna
Tamarindo / Playa LangostaMonteverde / Santa Elena
Tamarindo / Playa LangostaSanta Teresa / Mal Pais
Tamarindo / Playa LangostaMontezuma
Tamarindo / Playa LangostaTango Mar / Tambor
TamborRincon de la Vieja
TamborPotrero Beach
Tango Mar / TamborSan Jose
Tango Mar / TamborAlajuela / Airport
Tango Mar / TamborMonteverde / Santa Elena
Tango Mar / TamborArenal/Fortuna
Tango Mar / TamborJaco/ Playa Hermosa
Tango Mar / TamborManuel Antonio/ Quepos
Tango Mar / TamborPuerto Viejo/ Limon & Cahuita
Tango Mar / TamborLiberia
Tango Mar / TamborLiberia Airport Daniel Oduber
Tango Mar / TamborTamarindo / Playa Langosta
Tango Mar / TamborSamara / Playa Carrillo
Tango Mar / TamborFlamingo, Brasilito & Playa Conchal
Tango Mar / TamborPapagayo Gulf
Tango Mar / TamborCoco Beach & Ocotal

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica is often called the country’s best surf destination thanks to its consistent waves forming on a point break. Surfers flock here year-round to hit the waves, and because of this, Santa Teresa boasts a laid-back, surfer town charm that appeals to visitors of all types and ages.


It’s the biggest town on the south tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, so you’ll find lots of cute cafes, surf shops, bikini shops and great restaurants to make your time in Santa Teresa perfect.

This is a great jumping off point if you want to learn to surf, and our organizers will be happy to set you up with surf lessons with a certified instructor for when you arrive. Or, try Stand Up Paddleboarding or let us help you sign up for yoga classes or yoga retreats near this idyllic little town. The tiny hippie village of Montezuma is close by and makes a great day trip from Santa Teresa, and we can arrange comfortable transportation for you and your family or friends.