Costa Rica Kayaking

Costa Rica Kayaking

Costa Rica is blessed with 802 miles of coastline and countless rivers, lakes, and estuaries. That is why Costa Rica is one of the top kayaking locations in the world. Kayak and canoes have been navigating the oceans for centuries. They were used in the early days as a tool for travel and survival. The shape of kayaks and canoes has basically remained the same. Today’s generation has taken these ancient watercraft to use for pleasure and exploration. There are many things to do in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica tours offer a vast array of kayaking experiences, from low impact gliding across tropical waters, to world-class white water challenges. There are two styles of kayaks that Costa Rica tours offer. A “Cockpit Style” kayak has a spray deck that creates a water-resistant seal around the seat of the kayaker. The other style is a “Sit on Top” kayak where the person paddling sits in the kayak in an open area. The best kayaking months for a Costa Rica vacation is June through October.

The Sarapiqui, Rios Pacuare, Corobici, and Reventazon Rivers are the most popular kayaking rivers in Costa Rica. On these rivers, the kayaker can definitely enjoy the wildlife and foliage on the river shores. Species that a kayaker will likely encounter may include an ocelot, parrots, howler monkeys, egrets, ospreys, falcons, heron, iguanas, otters, jaguars, storks, herons, and so many other wildlife.

A Costa Rica sea kayaking tour is also available for the avid kayaker wanting to have the opportunity to get a close look at Costa Rica’s sea life. With a sea kayaking tour, you may see pelicans, flying fish, frigatebirds, and even sea turtles. Sea kayaking gives you the opportunity to explore offshore islands and coastal estuaries.

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