Costa Rica Tree Climbing

Costa Rica Tree Climbing

Remember when you were young and your mother use to tell you to get down from the big oak in your front yard? Now that you have grown up, schedule a Costa Rica vacation and climb any tree as high as you want and how long you want!

You can relive the fun you had as a child and experience climbing the diverse canopy of trees in the Costa Rica rainforest. Get up close and personal with tropical rainforests animals. The rainforests literally house thousands of birds and animals, from ants to giant iguanas, toucans, hummingbirds, macaws, parakeets, and howler monkeys.

Don’t stay on the ground looking up, get up, and see Costa Rica from the tops of the rainforest trees. There are many things to do in Costa Rica.

During the tree climb, specialized harnesses and ascenders are used to scale you up to a large upper branch of a rainforest tree. You will climb to a height of 115 feet or more, position yourself to sit on a tree branch, and be mesmerized by the fascinating world of the rainforest canopy. On the smaller canopy tours, you have the opportunity to climb up the hollow inside of a strangler fig, soar on a Tarzan swing between observation platforms, and rappel waterfalls. To safely enjoy tree climbing an English-speaking, fully-trained naturalist guide will instruct and stay with you during your climb while another guide waits on the ground.

You don’t have to be strong to enjoy tree climbing, but you need a certain level of fitness. This is truly the best way to explore the Costa Rica rainforest canopy.

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