Costa Rica hostels

Costa Rica hostels – The hidden secret to cheap, affordable lodging

Costa Rica hostels are probably one on the most organized, professional, and most importantly, the cheapest when compared to other accommodations in other prime destinations in the world.

Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive and the same rings true for accommodations during Costa Rica vacations.

What’s a hostel?

But before I go any further singing praises for Costa Rica hostels, first of all, what is a hostel and what makes it different from other living accommodations like hotels and resorts?

Hostels and hotels, when compared to each other, is like comparing diamonds and rubies. Both are great, made for the convenience of the traveler, and are used to accommodate guests for rest, sleep, food, and other recreational activities.

But the similarities end there. A hostel, unlike a hotel, is typically run by small independent business operators, mostly friends and families, who provide a more personal approach to their daily operations.

Staying in a hostel means it’s relatively cheaper; however you commonly share your room with other travelers, mostly backpackers, or those who travel on a shoestring budget. You also use a communal bath and restroom, relax on a living room that is open for everyone, and eat your meals in a dining room with the rest of the guests.

Think of it as guerrilla traveling, where the typical notions of first-class tourism flies out of the window. But hey, traveling this way couldn’t get more authentic for anyone looking to immerse themselves in a radically different and new culture.

If a small budget doesn’t stop you from wanting to see the enchanting Caribbean shores of Costa Rica, then booking your stay with one of the many Costa Rica hostels around the country is your best option. And as a side bonus, you will naturally get to live, breathe, and experience the normal life of most Ticos if you choose to lodge in a hostel.

Top 5 recommended Costa Rica hostels

Sleepers Sleep Cheaper Hostel (Monteverde, Costa Rica. In front of the World of Insects Park)

Run by a family with a husband and wife team leading the helm, this place is equipped with facilities you wouldn’t expect considering how low a bunk bed stays for the night could get ($7/night). This hotel has free Internet access, a fax machine, kitchen access, and use, plus a huge serving of free breakfast for everyone. Once there, you are given your own set of keys and locker facilities for your valuables. As if things couldn’t get any better, the family is helpful in arranging other travel matters for you, for free.

Arenal Backpackers Resort (La Fortuna, Costa Rica, 350 meters West of Central Park)

When it comes to Costa Rica hostels, this one is five stars. An onsite pool for everyone’s use makes it seem almost like a hotel…but not quite. You will still sleep in a bunk bed. But there are bars and restaurants inside the resort, and you could lounge in the pool area and enjoy your Sangria as you devour the majestic view of the Arenal Volcano. This place is great if you’re traveling with friends or co-workers who are looking to have a great time without actually breaking the bank. Free facilities include Internet access, fax machine service, and luggage storage. Alas, the breakfast is not free.

Alajuela Tropical Hostel (Alajuela, Costa Rica)

This hostel is near the San José Airport and they provide free pick-up for you and fellow travelers. The establishment is run by Alonso, who is very helpful in answering your questions and guiding you in and around the area. The place is equipped with air-conditioning, free cable TV, fax service, and free Internet access.

Casa Yoses Hostel (8th Ave 41 St, 250 West from Spoon in Los Yoses, San José, Costa Rica)

Located right in the heart of San José city, the Casa Yoses Hostel is a godsend for those looking to enjoy the many bars and restaurants that San José has to offer. You stay in a huge, nifty looking house equipped with game rooms, movie rooms, and even a computer room. Clearly, this place is a winner for young travelers who are looking to burn some time indoors. Free facilities includes a sumptuous breakfast, wi-fi Internet, lockers, storage for luggage, and fax service. The staff are very friendly, helpful, and accommodating.

Cabinas El Pueblo (Santa Elena Monteverde Puntarenas, Monteverde, Costa Rica)

This is a family hostel run by a couple who are very helpful, informative, and eager to guide you regarding your other travel itineraries. The breakfast is free for lodgers, and free facilities include: Internet access, luggage storage, swimming pool, cable TV, and 24 hour security.

There you go, hopefully, you got a feel of what to expect from Costa Rica hostels. They are cheaper, and easier to swallow if you’re the type who watches every penny you spend. So if you’re thinking of traveling on the cheap in the near future, make sure to consider booking your stay in one of the great Costa Rica hostels instead of the typical luxurious but expensive hotels you might normally stay with.