Tambor, Puntarenas Tours

Tambor Tours

Tortuga Island Snorkeling
Once you get to the island, you can snorkel and see lots of coral, a large variety of tropical fish, oysters, and octopus. The flora and fauna are stunning and are nature at its best! You can enjoy a stroll along the gorgeous white sand beaches and be able to rent kayaks and other water sports equipment.

Curu Biological Reserve
Curu Biological Reserve is a privately owned reserve, maintained in its natural state, with selected trails to wildlife viewing areas and a private beach. On the way to the reserve, we will pause in Tambor and Valle Azul which are some typical small towns of the Nicoya Peninsula, and take in some of the day-to-day life of the villagers.

Horseback Riding
This trip is great for children, beginners, and people who prefer a short ride. You lead the horseback riding wherever you want on the Tango Mar property and enjoy the flora and fauna of the Tango Mar Resort.