Private Shuttle to Las Cruces Biological Station

Private Transportation to Las Cruces Biological Station

Near the Panamanian border on Costa Rica’s southern Pacific coastal range (8° 47′ N, 82° 57′ W). A mid-elevation site, the Station’s borders extend through an elevational range of 1,120 to 1,385 meters and encompass 235 hectares of the premontane rain forest.

This Station is home to the Wilson Botanical Garden featuring beautifully diverse plantings of tropical and subtropical ornamentals, representatives of unusual plant families, and rare and endangered plants from Costa Rica and elsewhere. Particularly well represented are ferns, aroids, bromeliads, gingers, heliconias, marantas, and palms. More than 1,000 genera in 212 plant families can be seen along trails that wind around palm-covered hillsides, through agave and lily beds, under the rain forest canopy, through banana and heliconia groves, or to strategic overlooks on the rolling grounds.

Location: San Vito De Coto Brus, Puntarenas
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• Restaurant

Outdoor Costa Rica Attractions:

• Botanic Garden
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• Horse Back Riding