Costa Rica ATV Tours

The off roads Adventure in Costa Rica, ATV Tours

Costa Rica’s terrain consists of forest, mountainous terrain, plains, and beautiful beaches which is perfect for exploring via ATV. Costa Rica provides the visitor with both beautiful scenery and exceptional features for riding ATVs.

ATV tours offer travelers a safe and exciting way to access some of the country’s most magnificent landscapes; you’ll travel to farms and waterfalls, across fields, and through rainforests. Stops are frequently made for swimming or eating, where trained bilingual guides will often point out native plant and animal species. Some of the country’s finest places to ride ATVs include Manuel Antonio, Jacó, Tamarindo, and Arenal.

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“I tried all kinds of Costa Rica Activities and Costa Rica Attractions but my favorite was the Arenal Volcano ATV Tour! Do you have any other Costa Rica ATV Tours that are similar to the Arenal Volcano ATV Tours that Things To Do Costa Rica booked for me last year?”

YES! Things to do Costa Rica offers Costa Rica ATV tours to exhilarate any fan of an off-road adventure. Are you feeling the need for speed? Experience an unforgettable ride through miles of off-road terrain provide routes through the Costa Rica landscape, Costa Rica mountains, rustic tropical settings for all-terrain and off-road vehicle tours. Split your tour up with hikes through the Costa Rica rainforest, or a horseback ride through the Costa Rica countryside. You may choose to stop and take a swim in the cascading waterfall.

ATV Tour guides are professionally trained, experienced ATV tour guides. They are bilingual and adhere to strict safety guidelines as the group’s safety is their number one priority.

All ATV Tours begin with a safety orientation which will instruct you on how to safely drive your ATV on a professionally guided ATV Tour.