Private Shuttle to Las Nubes

Transportation to Las Nubes

Hotel Description

Las Nubes is located on top of a mountain above the South Pacific Coast. It’s straight above the village of Matapalo, on the coastal highway between Quepos and Dominical. Although being on top of a mountain has numerous advantages (it’s cooler, it’s calmer, it’s in the middle of nature).

Las Nubes is a biotech lodge to relax, detoxify, and retreat in an eco-friendly and pure environment. The new barefoot luxury is refined.

Las Nubes offers three kinds of accommodations:

El Ojo:

Feel the gentle cool breeze and enjoy the view over the mountains to the Pacific. You ‘land’ with a fresh juice or a beer at the bar in the main house: a living and breathing biotech building with leveled decks. The house was named ‘El Ojo’ (the eye) because of the amazing vistas it offers. On one side you see the Pacific through the primary rain forest. On the other side, you look straight into the heart of the Costa Rican inland.

El Ojo is the gathering place to eat, dance, meet each other, and do most of the activities. Next to it lays a beautiful infinity pool for cooling off from a walk or just to be Zen. The many decks around the house always provide a private spot for stargazers and sunset romantic’s.

The Cabinas:

However comfortable and luxurious your cabin is, sleeping next to the rain forest always has a touch of adventure to it. The open snail-house structure of the building makes you feel you’re in the middle of nature. The sounds of tropical birds, crickets, and the distant rolling of the ocean will sway you to sleep. Waking up the next morning with the sunlight playing on your mosquito net is magic! Scattered over the domain are 4 private cabins at a comfortable distance from each other. Discretion and tranquility are ensured. Your nights will be cool and quiet. The shape of the house (based on native Indian houses) transports fresh mountain air through your room constantly. All cabins are named after an element of nature and have their own specific color. They all feature a private terrace, a hot water shower, a king-size bed, and a unique art piece.

The Suite:

On the first floor of El Ojo is the suite. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (1 with a giant stone tub), and 2 private terraces under one enormous roof. It’s ideal for a family. From your bed, you can see the monkeys dance through the trees. Every morning you wake up to a glorious sunrise. Staying in the suite is the closest you get to really living in the tropics. You get all the services you’d expect from a luxury lodge, whilst feeling you’re at home.

Here are some of the top activities you can sign for during your stay at Las Nubes:

  • Diving at Cano Island
  • Hiking on the Corcovado National Park
  • Whales and dolphin watching
  • Bird watching
  • Sport Fishing
  • White water rafting