Costa Rica Hot Springs Tours

Costa Rica Hot Springs Tours

A hot spring is a natural spring with warm water above body temperature. It is produced by the emergence of geothermally heated groundwater from the Earth’s crust. Seriously, you don’t need to know how a hot spring works, all you need to know is that while you are touring Costa Rica you can find dozens of commercial hot springs that will make your Costa Rica vacation fun and relaxing! There are a lot of things to do in Costa Rica.

There are numerous natural hot springs throughout Costa Rica. Balmy and soothing these Costa Rica hot springs offer tourists the perfect way to relax after a long day of touring Costa Rica.

One of Costa Rica’s greatest natural wonders is the Arenal Hot Spring. You will find diverse flora and fauna in the lush rainforest by one of Costa Rica’s largest lake.

Baldi Hot Springs has over 30 pools and is very affordable. There are three swim-up bars, a restaurant, a spa, and two waterslides.

Eco Termales Hot Springs is the smallest of the Arenal hot springs. Only 100 guests are invited t a time, has four pools of varying temperature.

Titokú Hot Springs has eight pools that flow down a hill and decrease in temperature as they descend.

After an adventurous day of touring, bask in one of the many hot springs in Costa Rica. Any Costa Rica vacation is incomplete without a visit to one of Costa Rica’s hot springs. Desafio Costa Rica Adventure Company will help you find a hot spring location that will complete your Costa Rica vacation.

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