Jaco Beach Birdwatching

Birdwatching Tours in Jaco

Birding in Costa Rica is an extraordinary experience. With 878 species recorded to date, Costa Rica offers to birders great birdwatching opportunities within relatively short distances, involving very diverse habitats from sea level to high mountains above 12000 feet.

Exciting guided tours and itineraries take you to wonderful locations where you are able to enjoy the best of birding in Costa Rica.

Anyone visiting Manuel Antonio National, or Carara National Park will surely notice flocks of brown pelicans gracefully soaring overhead, plunging headlong into the sea after fish, or maybe even “windsurfing” as they playfully glide along the face of a wave with a wingtip almost skimming the wall of water. Magnificent frigate birds – large dark birds with long pointed wings and forked tails – will probably grab your attention, too, as they effortlessly cruise on the slightest breeze.

Red Macaw

If you are at all interested in birds, you know that most species are not as easily seen as pelicans and frigate birds. But for those who make an attempt to find them, the Manuel Antonio area harbors hundreds of surprises. More than 270 species, including migrants, can potentially be observed in the park and the surrounding area extending to Quepos and the local airstrip.

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