Scuba Diving Herradura Bay

Jaco Activities
Diving in the Pacific Ocean offers many unique opportunities. Visibility ranges between 10 to 45 feet and it depends on many factors like tides and mostly the high amounts of nutrients in these waters that attract many different species of fish

Our local dive sites are just a 10 minutes boat ride from shore. Every day we choose the sites we are going to dive to depending on the conditions to offer you the best experience according to your training level.
Herradura Bay, home to different species of soft coral and some hard coral. Amongst the creatures that you will find here, we have the Whitetip Reef Shark which is a resident in the area and can be found in many of the underwater caves where they rest during the day. Also, you may see moray eels, lobsters, octopus, sea horses, nudibranch, cushion sea stars, big schools of various fishes, rays just to name a few.

4 hours
Daily ( Due to the weather conditions this tour is operated only from December – April )
Departure times and location:
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Includes fruit and refreshments. 2 TANKS DIVING with full equipment rental
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