How To Stay Safe in costa-Rica

Costa Rica is the safest country in Central America as far as major crime is concerned. But things like pick-pocketing or petty thefts can happen, so I suggest taking some safety precautions at all times. This is especially important while vacationing in heavily traveled tourist locations.  Hotel rooms are not always automatically safe, so use in-room safes or those provided at hotel receptions/offices for your valuables. Keep a set of copies of all important documents (Passport numbers, Credit Card details, etc.). Have a copy made of the picture/info page of your passport and the entry stamp and take this with you wherever you go – this will be accepted as a valid ID.

Market in San Jose, Costa Rica

It’s best to avoid carrying a lot of cash, jewelry or other expensive items. Don’t leave valuables unattended even in a locked vehicle and never hand over luggage to anyone with the exception of hotel porters.

If leaving any of your bags in a luggage-storage facility at a hotel while you travel around the country, make sure it is locked (I use small padlocks to loop through the double zippers), has your name prominently written on it, and leave instructions for it not to be removed by anyone but yourself, under any circumstances.

The best advice is to use common sense while traveling to Costa Rica or any foreign nation. Don’t carry a great deal of cash unless absolutely necessary. Always have your possessions within eyesight while checking in and lock them up safely after you get to your room. I’m often asked if it is worth it to pay the extra charge for the safe inside your room? Yes! No matter how nice of a hotel you are staying at, there’s always a chance that something could go missing. Even if you do get the possessions back, is it worth it to go through the hassle?

Good luck and safe travels!