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Santa Teresa ATV Rentals

Are you visiting Santa Teresa, Mal Pais, and its area? With family or friends? Choose the best option to drive fun and safe during your stay!

Indeed, if you will visit Santa Teresa for the first time, we will discover a wonderful place where paved roads are missing… In the deep jungle of the Nicoya Peninsula, drivers will feel like adventures, biting the dust and crossing rivers, far away from the tasteless asphalt ride.

That’s why our ATV, also called side-by-side or buggy, is made for everybody. Better than a regular SUV, our open-car will bring you extraordinary and new sensations every minute. Learn more and book here

Our company, Buggy Adventure Costa Rica, is the only one ATV rental to offer this awesome 5 seat side-by-side in the country. Our exclusive automatic 5 seat vehicles, with seat-belts and electric power steering, are the perfect mix between the fun of a quad and the security of a car.

Try it, you will love it !